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    [Updated 01/05/2019 to reflect the release of the latest financial statement]

    Castle Trust is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a participant in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You risk losing capital should Castle Trust become insolvent.

    It’s possible that until not too long ago, you hadn’t heard of Castle Trust and what we have to offer. It may even be that you’ve only just discovered us. We recognise that we are a small player in a big financial services market, but we believe that is part of our strength; small doesn’t necessarily mean bad, in the same way that big doesn’t necessarily mean good. To help you understand a little more about us, we’ve covered off some frequently asked questions that our Call Centre Associates often receive below.

    Where is Castle Trust based?
    Castle Trust employs over 230 people across our executive headquarters in the City of London, and our administration centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The call centres for investment and mortgage clients are staffed by helpful, friendly experts in the Basingstoke office. If you have any questions about Fortress Bonds, you can call (Freephone) 0808 164 5000, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or write to us at Castle Trust, PO Box 6965, Basingstoke, RG24 4XE.

    What is Castle Trust’s financial position?
    Castle Trust was launched in 2012, with backing from private equity firm JC Flowers & Co. Our Fortress Bond range of investments was launched in July 2014. As at 30 September 2018 (the date of our last published accounts), customers had invested £735 million into our range of Fortress Bonds; in the last 12 months alone, interest payments of more than £13 million had been made to customers, with all payments (including capital repayments) being paid to those customers when due. For more information on Castle Trust’s financial position, you can download a summary version of Castle Trust's Financial Strength document. For a more detailed read, our full financial statements are available under the Prospectus Documents section of the Investments Information page.

    What does Castle Trust do with the money I invest?
    To generate your investment returns, Castle Trust uses the majority of the funds you invest to advance mortgage loans to residential property owners and property developers, as well as making loans to consumers. The balance is held by Castle Trust in cash instruments to manage the short-term cash requirement of the business.

    Why can’t I see Fortress Bonds in the Best Buy tables?
    Whilst Fortress Bonds achieve the same goals as fixed term deposit accounts – a rate of interest set at the outset, over an agreed term, with interest paid at regular intervals or at maturity – there are some key differences. Fortress Bonds are investments that offer an alternative to traditional savings accounts, and as the Best Buy tables only show like-for-like options (in this case deposit accounts) Fortress Bonds aren’t able to be included, despite their often market-leading rates.

    For more information on Castle Trust, please visit the About Us page  and the Investments Information page  to learn more about the company and the products we offer.

    Sophie Redgell
    Investment Marketing

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